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29 August 2008 @ 01:29 am
More back-up doll bodysuits  
To the new members of the crew or anyone wanting to change their bodysuit:

Anyone interested in purchasing a ribbed bodysuit (snap crotch; wide ribs; different style from our current suits) in either black or burgundy, let me know. I found a site that carries them for $50 (before shipping) and they are by a company that is infamous for making clothes that shape the body (hide the trouble spots). Or if you want to custom make your own doll bodysuit, I found a store that has various colors of ribbed knit to make your own bodysuit in your desired color (including green *Cough*-X-mas-Cammy-version-and-Green-doll-variant*Cough*; burgundy; white; purple; black; etc).
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