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31 August 2008 @ 01:24 am
Planning on gatherings and opening up for Doll Uniform comissions  
Since the group has been rather dead lately (we all live in different locations and lead busy lives so group gatherings are very rare), I'd like to propose Shadowloo Doll Agent and Minions Gatherings in the Southern California area. It would be a chance to meet new cosplayers and photographers (for those we can get involved in this) as well as hang out in public in cosplay and make new friends! Anyone interested? Feel free to leave a comment!

As I also mentioned in the previous entry, I have found another seller who carries ribbed turtleneck bodysuits with a snap crotch that work beautifully for doll agent uniforms. I'm now looking at taking on commissions for these for anyone who is interested.

We are also still interested in more cosplayers for the group if anyone is interested!

Comment if you are interested on either subject mentioned!
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