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21 June 2009 @ 06:19 pm
More bodysuits?  
I found another seller who carries SCALA sem coustura bodysuits and she currently has some up on her site. Now the one difference with this bodysuit is that the ribbing has a bit more texture to it. It's great for snazzing up the look, but alas, not the same as the "Carmen" model. For those interested, check out this auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-SCALA-Stretch-Designer-Textured-TN-Body-Top-Black-M_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZQ7c301Q3a0Q7c293Q3a1Q7c294Q3a30QQ_trksidZp4634Q2ec0Q2em14Q2el1262QQhashZitem1c0a0fa8a3QQitemZ120427882659QQptZUSQ5fCSAQ5fWCQ5fShirtsQ5fTopsQQsalenotsupported

as well as the others listed at her store. I'm still keeping an eye out just in case we can find more or another set of 12+ that will work.

AX 2009:
I'll be there as a Doll agent (not sure which one yet) on Friday (most likely) and possibly one other day during the con. There is a Capcom vs SNK gathering on Friday, but I doubt our group will have a gathering as most who are attending have other cosplay that they will be using. I might have Shadow Baby with me and another stand in doll. More to hopefully come later this year.