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M. Bison- kyo_kun625
Yanyu/Cammy/Decapre (pending on her mood)- shadowldychunli
Juli (baby version)- Shadow Baby Chun-li
Marz- Emobi
Enero- Zaya ?

I do have a few extra bodysuits that I might be able to lend out for the Capcom vs SNK gathering (Friday at 5PM, location TBD). Comment if you'd like to be a stand in for the group so we can finalize details and such.
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30 March 2008 @ 03:00 am
Doll Agents: Is anyone up for convention gatherings this year or possible photo shoots? I already know that illiara is out except for possible photo shoots.

Shadowloo Minions: We still have a lot of spaces available for anyone else who'd like to join!

For AX 2008 I have confirmed:
*Shadow Baby Chun-li (as baby Juli)
*kyo_kun0675 (as Bison)
*shadowldychunli (as Yanyu or other doll *tentative*)

Other cons: TBD
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04 December 2007 @ 08:00 pm
Anyone up for Dolls/Shadowloo Minion cosplay at ALA?
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Hi ladies,
I just wanted to inform you that on the August 15th update for CammyFan.com, Stefan said he will feature the crew from bison_for_prez. Stefan was kind enough to provide us with quite a bit of reference art and cosplay images of the Dolls. I would like to get the approval from everyone (if possible) to have their images (individual and group) posted. I already have approvals from the following:

If anyone has any images that they'd like posted on CammyFan from our gathering, please forward them to me as well. Please answer this by August 13/14th if possible.

Thanks in advance,
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20 July 2007 @ 04:41 pm
why lady assassins rock!Collapse )
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20 July 2007 @ 01:09 pm
Hi ladies,
I received the pictures from my husband's boss! For the bay area crew, I'll be sending copies of the CD up with sporkkunoichi, astelspirals will get it at SDCC, illiara at SDCC, sihaya_chan whenever you'd like to meet up next, and Mayu-chan and Bison through my hubby.

Here's a few shots for the time being... I'll post a few more later on today.
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Hi ladies,
Ever been to the popular site CammyFan.com? It's where a lot of the reference art and information that we used for the dolls came from including images of other doll cosplayers. The site owner would like to post images of our group on there and I wanted to get everyone's ok for this before sending him a few of the group and some individual pictures. He said he could post your name (or user name) and link to your website, other info you'd like listed, etc if wanted as well. If there's any specific images that you'd like posted, send them to me and let me know.

Here's the link to his cosplay area of the CammyFan site:
and specifically to the Juni and Juli cosplay section:

He's planning on doing his next update by the 15th of August.

EDIT: I forgot to ask the same! I have a website as well, and I wanted to get permission from y'all before posting images, etc. May I have permission for my site as well? Here's the link to my site: Bison for President! The Web Page

As for the images from hubby's boss, I still haven't received those yet. However, once I do receive them, I will inform y'all and I will gladly send a copy to everyone.
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08 July 2007 @ 04:27 am
From the M.Bison and Dolls photoshoot:
05 July 2007 @ 10:02 pm
Thanks to illiara for the awesome images that were taken by her friend on her camera.


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03 July 2007 @ 11:12 pm
Here is one of the only (and the best of the 3 he was able to get) pictures my husband was able to get before his camera died :( More later!!!
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