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Bison for President!: Shadowloo Cosplay

We'll Rule the World with an Iron Hoof

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MOO! You've just been psycho-power-brainwashed into viewing Bison For President! The only (to my knowledge) cosplay group deticated to a complete Shadowlaw group (or at least the dolls) from Capcom's Street Fighter video game series.


Welcome to the Bison For President Shadowloo Cosplay group from California. Currently, we are divided into two factions: The Dolls Agents and The Shadowloo Minions (including M.Bison, the boss man of Shadowloo). To date (and to my knowledge), this is the only cosplay group fully dedicated to the Dolls agents and all of Shadowloo. It is our goal to one day unite the two factions to form the full empire of Shadowloo! But until then, we are the Dolls and Minions of Shadowloo. Come and Join us!

Our current members consist of:

"The Boss Man"Memberimage sprite
Alpha Style M. Bison/ Lord Vega(JP):
Bossman Jackson
Street Fighter 2 style M. Bison:

Dollmemberimage sprite
Enero:killflyerhawk and
März:Emobi from myspace
Aprile: Illiara (illiara)
Satsuki: Rei (tea_egg)
Juni: Spork Ninja sporkkunoichi
Juli: Shadow Baby Chun-li
(toddler version)
Xiayu: Chibiko (karisu_sama)
Yanyu:Ivy (ivyf15)/
(Stand in, otherwise OPEN)
Decapre: Karisu (karisu_sama)

Shadowloo MinionsMemberImage sprite
Vega/Balrog (JP) :(open)
Balrog/ M.Bison(JP): (open)
Alpha/Shadowloo Cammy
(aka:Killer Bee):
Illiara (illiara)
Shadow (Charlie Nash):(open)
Shadow Lady (Chun-li):Ivy (shadowldychunli)
Dark Sakura:Serinailliara's friend
Violent Ken:(open)
Cracker Jack:pending
Midnight Bliss M.Bison:(open)
Rose as M.Bison
(aka MB Bison2):
Blanka:Mr. J
Dee Jay:(open)

Please visit our sister community: deltaredcosplay on LJ/ Myspace: Delta Red Cosplay

One of our spin off communities: projectclcd on LJ/ Myspace:Project Cammy Light Cammy Dark

Add our banner to support Bison for President! if you'd like. More to come soon!:

These banners were created by ivyf15 for Bison for President! Shadowloo cosplay group(s). Please give credit where it is deserved and please do not leech off our webspace.

A Huge THANKS to Stefan99 of CammyFan.com. We couldn't have done this without you.

Credit for the Enero, Février, Satsuki, Santum, Xiayu, and Yanyu sprites and all the SNK-style sprites on the Dolls division banner belongs to eFex's site. Your sprites are awesome!

-Shadow Lady Chun-Li and crew

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